Make gif animation online from YouTube and Vimeo videos

Make gif

How to create gif animation from video

The process of gif creation in our service is quite simple and convenient for our clients. It contains few steps and you are getting your gif, which you can download and share with friends

  1. Find video you like on YouTube, Vimeo or any other video sharing service
  2. Paste video link into the Youtube Video URL field and press button Go
  3. Wait until video appears in our video player. It can take few minutes.
  4. Using sliders select video fragment you want to use to create gif animation. The limit for the fragment size is 20 seconds.
  5. In Settings you can choose output gif animation size and frames per seconds in the gif. Those settings can affect resulted gif size.
  6. Press button Make gif and wait when process is finished
  7. Once animation is created, you can download it to your computer as gif file or even mp4 video fragment. You can save animation in our platform to share with friends.