How to create gif animation with fixed time frame

If you ever had a dream to make gif animation, congratulations - you have found the right place to do that.Using the tool of this website it will take you several minutes to build beautiful animation and impress you friends.

Web site allow you to create animation from any YouTube video. Since YouTube now is the largest source of video files of any kind, you have a lot of great options to choose from.

So the first step of our journey to the beautiful animation is to select amazing video from YouTube, copy it's URL and paste it into the field 'YouTube video URL'. Press GO button.

Once you press GO button, player is updated and you will be able to play video. Use timeframe controlls to select precise video fragment. First controll is used for coarse adjustment time frame and is usefull for the videos less then 1 minute. Two other controls are fine tuning to select animation boundaries more precisely. Make sure animation length is less than 20 seconds.

You have an option to choose size of resulted animation. Small size animations generated faster and have smaller size.

If requested animation is less than 20 seconds then Create Animation is available. Click the button and wait for animation creation. Immediatelly you can check results. If you are happy with the size and time frame, you have an option to download animation or share it with your friends using social sharing buttons below the animation.

Hope you enjoy and love this easy process of gif creation. Please share this article with you friends so you can impress each other with wonderful animations. Please Contact Us if you have any questions or faced any issues on your web site.